The Southern Nevada Arborists Group- SNAG was asked by the Boys & Girls to assess the trees at their Reynolds facility. The NFL had generously offered to put in a new sports field and the question was what would be the effect on the trees… The assessment from SNAG member Arborists was that the the trees would not survive the transition and that removal and replacement was the best option.
SNAG decided to volunteer and donate the removal services and turned the event into a learning experience. The local master Gardeners were invited to experience some of the arboricultural end of horticulture. Various Arborists contributed comments and training on different aspects of tree work including pruning, diagnostics, cutting process and felling of trees.
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The Southern Nevada Arborist Group is a collection of tree care professionals and dedicated tree friends striving to provide improved tree care and promote the appreciation of trees in the Southern Nevada Region by sharing knowledge and experiences.

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