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Past Meetings

Meeting Archives

December 2017: Dennis Swartzell and Steve Glimp, SNAG members and consulting arborists, presented on Mediterranean Pine Engraver Beetle which has recently made its way into the Las Vegas region, attacking all species of pine we grow here.

November 2017: Shirl McMayon, President of SNAG, gave a presentation at the Las Vegas Community Healing Garden on the conception, construction and future of the healing garden, a memorial to the victims and survivors of the Mandalay Bay mass shooting. Lunch was provided to our membership by SNAG.

October 2017: Cancelled due to conflict with Climbing Skills workshop.

September 2017: General discussion and lunch.

August 2017: TREE Fund Webinar, "Soil Profile Rebuilding: Rehabilitating Compacted Soils" by Dr. Susan Day, Assoc Professor of Urban Forestry, Virginia Tech.

May 2017: Doug Merkler, Resource Soil Scientist. Doug presented "The Dirt on Dirt: Things You Should Know About Soil and Why Our Life Depends On It."

April 2017: Dennis Swartzell with Horticultural Consultants "The Art and Science of Growing Trees in Plastic Containers."

February 2017: David Smith of W.D. Young Palms, discussion on Growing Palm Trees in Las Vegas.

January 2017: meeting cancelled due to Tree Care Seminar

December 2016: Annual Holiday Gathering at SNAG President Shirl McMayon's Blue Diamond home

November 2016: Tamara Wynne, Research Associate II, "Pests in the Orchard"

September 2016: Ed Gilman Webinar "An Approach To Pruning You Won't Forget"

August 2016: Schilling Horticulture Group, Crew telling of their recent palm rescue assist

July 2016: Dennis Swartzell, "Soil Testing for Best Results"

June 2016:No Speaker

May 2016: Shirl McMayon, "To Stake or Not to Stake"

March 2016: Mike Cooper, "Proper Tree Planting"

February 2016: Russ Thompson, "Diagnosing Tree Problems."

January 2016: Doug Merkler, "The Dirt on Dirt: Things you should know about Soil"

December 2015: Annual Holiday Gathering at past president, Amy Zeldenrust's lovely garden

November 20th, Richard Reitz, CSN (College of Southern Nevada) specifications to follow when accepting nursery stock and plant material deliveries.

October 16th, Shirl McMayon, Arborist and Account Manager at GTI, presented on Tree Inventories

September 18 was Brad Daseler, Horticulture Specialist for Clark County, presenting on recycling green waste

August 21 - Bob Morris, Xtreme Horticulture of the Desert, presenting his calendar of annual maintenance for Las Vegas orchards.

July - Bob Roper, State Forester.  Bob discussed the availability and status of state grant funds. 

June - M.L. Robinson, UNCE - Area Specialist/Associate Professor.  M.L. presented on "Tree & Plant Abuse!

May 15, 2015 - Shirl McMayon (ISA Certified Arborist, GTI) & Lisa Ortega (Urban Forester City of Henderson) presented "Trees & Infrastructure"

April 17, 2015 - Sonny Sell, BCMA with the Southern Nevada Water Authority, will present his findings from a study he performed on Raywood Ash Tree's

February 2015: "Speaker Krista Berglund, Safety Manager for First Choice Tree Co., gave a presentation on their palm tree pruning safety and rescue training they provided for Las Vegas fire department rescue team"

January 2015 - "No guest speaker. Final preparation for Annual Tree Care Seminar and finalized orders for SNAG t-shirts and hats"

December 2014 "Holiday Gathering at Shirl McMayon's house in Blue Diamond"

November 2014
Bob Morris from Xtreme Horticulture of the Desert.  Bob will discuss "Fruit Tree Architecture and Production."

September 2014
Cayenne Engel, of Nevada Department of Forestry, on "Emerald Ash Borer". 

August 2014
Richard Reitz, Horticulture Professor at College of Southern Nevada, on "Roots".

July 2014
Krista Berglund, Safety Officer with First Choice Tree Service, Pedestrian Safety during tree trimming operations.

June 2014
Cleto Arcea with NV Energy, the dangers associated with tree trimming near power lines.

May 2014
Matthew Haro with Davey Tree spoke in May spoke Pruning Palm Trees Safely.

April 2014
David Howlett with the Nevada Division of Forestry -  Trees of Spain

March 2014
M.L. Robinson, Nevada Cooperative Extension - Palms

February 2014
Milan Weedman with First Choice Tree Service - "Noxious Plants"