Do I really need an Arborist to assess or do my tree service?

No, but yes… There may be many good tree companies or service people that may be able to help you, however, an Arborist (Certified Arborist) is someone that has demonstrated experience, training and passed specific testing requirements meeting Arboricultural standards for proper performance of tree care diagnostics, pruning, installation, removal or other tree care related operations.

SNWA says I should replace my grass with xeriscape, how can you help me with that?

An Arborist can help specify techniques and strategies that will help you perform such an operation successfully by outlining specific requirements that you can specify when working with your contractor to perform such work.  It may be a bit more work for you to learn and educate yourself about correct procedures, but working with and clearly communicating your requirements with the contractor before and during the operation will pay off in a greater chance of survivability for the trees and plants in the area. Change is always hard and not everything will work, however, a good plan and a realistic outlook will help you achieve and be satisfied with your results.

What exactly is an Arborist?

In general terms anyone that works on trees could be considered an “arborist”, however, functionally the term is reserved to persons that have achieved a certification status from an accredited institution like the International Society of Arboriculture or the Tree Care Institute of America.  Certification is not a license, but indicates a testing and proof of experiential time in the industry to qualify as someone with knowledge and experience in proper tree care.

How much does all this cost?

Many tree companies offer consultation or service options with the help of an arborist as part of their “free quote” service.  Other consultative services for written reports or diagnostics will depend on the extent of the request and amount of detail required to satisfy the objectives of the inquiry.  Contact your Arborist to discuss what your needs, goals and objectives are and they will provide an up front estimation of what their charges will or could be depending on the circumstances.

My landscaper says he can trim my trees, why not let him do it and save money?

Perhaps he can, but the question is- what is the meaning of “trim” the trees?? Many landscapers lack the horticultural training and expertise to fully understand the effects of various pruning or “cutting” techniques.  These can have adverse effects on the health, beauty and safety of the trees.  Therefore, the additional cost of hiring professional tree service personnel to work on your trees will pay off in better looking (property value) and healthier trees that are structurally sound and less likely to fail due to insect or disease problems.  Also, liability concerns regarding the safety of workers and potential damage to structures if proper protocols are not followed or adequate insurance is not supported could subject you to greater liability.

How do I find a good Arborist?

Here is the link to the ISA Trees Are Good resource to find and check on an Arborist-

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