Code of Ethics

As members in good standing within the Southern Nevada Arborist Group, we agree:

  • That we subscribe to fair and honest business practices, and will avoid making unfounded
  • statements in dealing with clients, suppliers, employees and other professionals.
  • That we will not advertise in a false or misleading manner, or omit facts regarding certification,
  • licensing and insurance coverage or regarding qualifications, technical information, or benefits
  • to be expected from services.
  • That we hold paramount the safety and health of all people and endeavor to protect property
  • and the environment in the performance of professional responsibilities.
  • That we will not, if employed in a public capacity, recommend a professional in private
  • business above others in the community where all are equally qualified and available, and will
  • keep personal opinions separate.
  • To abide by and promote the laws, and ordinances of our area, and best management
  • practices of the International Society of Arboriculture.
  • To support the improvement of professional services and products through encouraging
  • research and development, and to adhere to ANSI Standards guidelines. *
  • That we will observe these standards and promote adherence to the ethics embodied in this
  • code.


The Southern Nevada Arborist Group is a collection of tree care professionals working in various aspects of the Tree service and horticultural industry.  Our monthly meetings, training events and community service projects allow members to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) to improve their depth of knowledge and maintain their certification(s) in good standing.  Working with and in the communities we serve, improves the level of engagement and awareness of the benefits of working with certified Arborists and horticultural experts.

Our Mission

The Southern Nevada Arborist Group is a collection of tree care professionals and dedicated tree friends striving to provide improved tree care and promote the appreciation of trees in the Southern Nevada Region by sharing knowledge and experiences.

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